Alcides Lanza: obras publicadas – grabaciones

alcides lanza
List of Publications [Commissioned works]
Compositions (partial listing) [all published by editions shelan publications]

Music scores
ektenes III [1995-I], for clarinet, electroacoustic music and digital signal processing; commissioned by Jean-Guy Boisvert. Premiered by him at Pollack Hall, October 19, 1996
in… /visible (1994-I), for choir and computer generated tape; Commissioned by Iwan Edwards for the McGill Chamber Singers . Premiered by the same artists at Redpath Hall, Montreal, 2-XI-95
piano concerto [1993-I], concert for MIDI piano and chamber orchestra; Commissioned by Hugo Goldenzweig; premiered in Rosario, Argentina, August 24, 1993, with H.Goldenzweig, the Municipal Chamber Orchestra and conductor Peter Bellino
vôo (1992-I), for acting voice, electronic music and digital signal processors; Commissioned by the Centro para la Difusión de la Música Contemporánea [Center for the Promotion of Contemporary Music], Madrid, for the Festival de Alicante, Spain, 1992; celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Voyage to America by Columbus. Actress-singer: Meg Sheppard; dig. sig. proc.: alcides lanza; premiere: September 25, 1992
quodlibet, stylus luxurians (1991-II), for organ and chamber ensemble Commissioned by the Sebalder Nachtkonzert Festival (Festival of Night Concerts at St. Sebald, Nürenberg, Germany), with a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. Premiere: October 11, 1991; solo organ: Andreas Jacob; conductor: Werner Jacob
the freedom of silence…(1990-II), for voice, piano and tape; Commissioned by Meg Sheppard and premiered by her at Pollack Hall, October 11, 1990, in the CBC/McGill concert series
arghanum V (1990-I), for accordion and tape; Commissioned by Joseph Petric with a Canada Council for the Arts grant; premiered by Mr. Petric in July, 1990, during the Sound Symposium, St. Johns, Newfounland
col-l’age (1989-IV, for one to five…; Commissioned by the Swedish Academy of Music, to celebrate Spanish composer Luis de Pablo 60th anniversary
preludio (preludio) (1989-III), for piano; Commissioned by pianist Arminda Canteros; premiered by same artist at Lincoln Center, Alice Tully Hall, New York, March 18, 1990
un mundo imaginario (1989-II), for choir and computer generated tape; Commissioned by Iwan Edwards for the McGill Concert Choir with a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. Premiered by the same artists at Pollack Hall, November 17, 1989
guitar concerto (1988-I), concerto for guitar and orchestra; Commissioned by Alvaro Pierri with a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. Premiered by Alvaro Pierri with the Hoff Symphoniker Orchestra; November 10, 1988
Recent Recordings [Compact Discs]
Trilogy (ekphonesis V-Penetrations VII-ekphonesis VI) actress-singer: Meg Sheppard Shelan – eSp-9201-CD [released March 1992]
arghanum V (1990-I), version for piano and tape; piano: alcides lanza
Shelan – eSp 9301-CD [released March 1993]
sensors V (1985-I), for solo percussion and percussion ensemble; percussion solo: Pierre Béluse, with the McGill Percussion Ensemble; Radio Canada International RCI652 CD. [Released March 1989] [Note: also selected by RCI as the best recording of the year and released on the CD Percussion Plus, a co-production of Radio Netherlands, RCI, Radio Australia and Swiss Radio International; G4-1089 [October 1989]
sensors I (1976-I) and sensors VI (1986-III), for percussion ensemble: included in magazine Musicworks, Toronto, #61, [March 1995]
…there is a way to sing it… (1988-III), solo tape
RCI Musique Électroacoustique-Anthology of Canadian Music-RCI ACM 37 CD 1-4

the extended piano : piano and electronics; works by Juan Carlos Paz, Claudio Santoro, Brent Lee, Bengt Hambraeus, Micheline Roi, Chris Howard, Richard Bunger]; piano: alcides lanza. Shelan – eSp-9401-CD [March 1994]
vôo [1992-I], for actress-singer, tape and digital signal processing; actress-singer: Meg Sheppard; DSP: alcides lanza – Shelan – eSp 9601-CD
Recordings: [Long Play]

sensors I [1976-I], for percussion ensemble
McGill Percussion Ensemble [Pierre Béluse, conductor][McGill Records 77003]

eidesis IV [1977-II], for wind ensemble and electronic sounds
McGill Wind Ensemble [Robert Gibson, conductor] [McGill Records, 79008]

penetrations II [1969-IV], for winds, percussion, keyboards, strings, with voices and tape
composers/performers group[Mainstream Records S5017]

exercise I [1965-V], electronic music [Discos EDUL, Rosario, Argentina]

plectros II [1966-I], for piano and electronic sounds
Carla Hübner, piano[Ten Records, Buenos Aires, Argentina]

plectros I[1962-II], for one or two pianos
Armando Krieger, Antonio Tauriello, pianos [Ten Records, Buenos Aires, Argentina]

interferences III [1983-IV], for chamber ensemble and tape
g.e.m.s. ensemble [alcides lanza, conductor][McGill Records 85027]

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