2009 Marks the 70th Birthday and 50 years of music creation of Marlos Nobre

Some recent news concerning the programmation in Brazil and all over de world of the 70th Birthday and 50 years of musical creation of Brazilian composer Marlos Nobre:

JANUARY: 23/01/09, a concert of the Argentinian guitarrist Carlos Santi playing the guitar works of Marlos Nobre ‘Relembrando’, ‘Momentos I and Momentos III’ and ‘Prólogo and Toccata’, at the Latin American Music Festival of the University of Serena, Chile.

FEBRUARY: 09/02/09, Digital Release of the CD SIGNUM Classics, SIF CD166,with the work ‘YANOMAMI for mixed Choir, guitar and tenor soloist’ of Marlos Nobre, by the Chorus Cervantes of London, guitarrist Fábio Zanon and condcutor Carlos Fernandez Aransay.

MARCH: World premiere, March 10, at the Hall of the Americas, Washington, D.C., USA, by the Trio Verdeher of ‘MANDALA for violin, clarinet and piano’ by Marlos Nobre, commissioned by the University of Michigan,USA and dedicated to the Trio Verdeher.
– March 28, concerto of the Argentinian guitarrist Carlos Santi, at the ‘Journey of Contemporary Music’, UNC, Mendoza, Argentina, playing ‘Relembrando’, ‘Momentos I and Momentos III’, and ‘Prólogo & Toccata’ by Marlos Nobre.

APRIL: April 14, Marlos Nobre play as soloist of the Symphony Ochestra of the National Theatre of Brasilia, conducted by Ira Levin, his ‘DIVERTIMENTO’ and his ‘CONCERTO BREVE’ for Piano & Orchestra.

MAY: Festival ‘Virtuosi’ Brasil celebrates Marlos Nobre, with 3 concerts dedicated to his works for Piano, for Chamber Music and Orchestral pieces, at the Teatro Santa Isabel of Recife, Pernambuco, with the composer as conductor and pianist, togheter with famous performers from Brazil, USA and Europe.

JUIN: 30 Juin to 07 july, Dra Ilka Vasconcelles de Sous presents at the International College Music Society, in Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik and Croatia, a conference under the title: ‘ Marlos Nobre and Serialism: the Composer´s Personal Apçroach through Selective Orchestral Works’.

JULY: The High Institut of Art in La Habana, Cuba, the Profa. Maristella Cavini presents his ´Dissertation for a Doctor Degree under the title: ‘References of the sonority of instrumental ensembles and folkloric dances of Pernambuco on the Four ‘Ciclos Nordestinos’ for Piano by Marlos Nobre’.
– At the ‘Casa da Música’, at Porto, Portugal, the Percussion Group Ictus will play the world premiere of the work ‘RE-BOSSANDO’ of Marlos Nobre (an hommage to the ‘bossa-nova’) commissioned and dedicated to the Grupo Ictus.

AUGUST: At the VI International Cello Competition ‘Carlos Prieto’ in Morelia, Mexico, the work DESAFIO II for cello and piano is one the imposed works. The world famous cellist Carlos Prieto and pianist Edson Quintana, will play in a special concert, all works for cello and piano by Marlos Nobre (Partita Latina, Cantoria I and II, Poema III and Desafio II).

SEPTEMBER: From 1 to 5 September, the Festival ‘Con Guitarra…aus Lateinamerika und Spanien’,in Leipzig, Germany, will present the world premiere of a new work of Marlos Nobre, commissioned by the Festival ‘OPUS LATEINAMERIKA’ for flute and guitar.

OCTOBER: The VIº International Festival of Contemporary Music of Valparaíso, Chile, will pay hommage to Marlos Nobre with a chamber music concert which will include some of his best chamber works, such as ‘UKRINMAKRINKRIN for soprano, wind instruments and piano’ and the ‘Firs String Quartet’.

NOVEMBER: 12/13/17 November the OSESP (Orquestra Sinfonica do Estado de São Paulo), will present the world premiere of the ‘CONCERTO FOR PERCUSSION Nº 2’ by Marlos Nobre, with the great percussionist EVELYN GLENNIE, and conductor John Neschilin. The ‘Concerto’ was especially commissioned by OSESP to commemorate the 70th Birthday of Marlos Nobre.

DECEMBER: The XIIº International Festival of Chamber Music ‘VIRTUOSI’, Recife, Pernambuco, from 15 to 23 December, will program a concert in hommage of the 70th Birthday of Marlos Nobre, with the presentation of his chamber works TRIO for viola, violoncello and piano performed by the Trio ALTINO ; PARTITA LATINA for violoncello and piano and the premiere in Brazil of OPUSLATEINAMERIKA for flute and guitar.

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