Highlights of the Marlos Nobre agenda in 2008

Highlights of the Agenda of Marlos Nobre in 2008.

  1. On January 25, world premiere of his new work ‘Desafio XXXV’ for Timpani, Strings and Percussion, opus 31 n° 35 (2007), dedicated to Alfredo Rugeles in celebration of this 25 years of orchestral conductor. Theater of the Humboldt Cultural Association of Venezuela, Caracas; Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, Alfredo Rugeles, conductor.
  2. January 31 and Febrary 1st: International Symposium ‘The Piano Music of Brazil’, Sorbonne University, Paris, France,with the performance of two works by Nobre: IIIº and IVº Ciclos Nordestinos for piano.
  3. Conference of Dra. Ilka Vasconcelles de Sous on ‘Marlos Nobre and Serialism: the Composer´s Personal Approach through Selective Orchestral Works’, 2008 South Central-Southern Conference in USA, march 2008.
  4. On March 5, the Brazilian Day for the Classical Music, Marlos Nobre received the official ‘Motion of Congratulations’ by the Municipal Chamber of Rio de Janeiro, ‘In recognition to the high quality of his musical production and his dedication for the growing of the musical life in Brazil’.
  5. From 26 to 30 May, Nobre will be member of the international jury for the ‘3rd Ibero-American Prize Rodolfo Halffter for Composition’, in Mexico City, togheter with his collegues Alexander Goehr (UK), Emmanuel Nunes (Portugal), Mario Lavista (Mexico) and Shulamit Ran (Israel). On March 29, on the occasion of the decision of the jury, will be presente his SONATA BREVE for piano at the Fundación Oaxaca, MEXICO.
  6. On Juin 3, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Torino, Italy, will present his official season 2008 a programm ‘BACH-NOBRE’, with the first performance in Italy of the ‘CONCERTANTE DO IMAGINARIO’ for piano and orchestra by Marlos Nobre, with the italian pianista Emanuel Arciuli and the conductor Yaniv Dinur.
  7. On Juin 4 his work KABBALAH for Orchestra will be presented at the opening concert of the HOT SPRINGS MUSIC FESTIVAL, in Arkansas, USA, by the Festival Orchestra conducted by Richard Rosemberg, Artistic Director of the Festival.
  8. From 4 to 14 Juin, Nobre will be ‘Composer-in-residence’ of the Youth Orchestra of the Americas, on Costa do Sauipe, Bahia, Brazil where his work ‘KABBALAH’ for orchestra will be presented conducted by Carlos Miguel Prieto.
  9. On July 18 at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro and on July 20 at the International Festival of Campos do Jordão,in São Paulo, the Youth Orchestra of the Americas integrated by 110 musicians from all over the world will present in both concerts his KABBALAH for Orchestra, with conductors Carlos Miguel Prieto (Rio) and Marcelo Lehningher (São Paulo).

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