Luba Luba de Il ruscello sotto la luna (2018) para glokenspiel y piano

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Instrumentación: Para glockenspiel y piano

“Luba, Luba” for glockenspiel and piano, is a work that takes variation No. 29 of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, based on two elements from there and two of my own invention. The first two correspond to the existence of 8 notes that constitute the bass in the drift of an ostinato bass, in a rather representative way in a different way and, in my piece, is part of a new interspersed reading of those notes. Secondly, the structure of the piece provides an idea through alchemy and numerology, so present in Bach, built around the number seven of the bars of chords, including the fourth, which appears to be a difference, which results in my piece in an algorithm that manipulates the musical material and especially in how this code is conceived from theatricality, which would be a theater minus the text, a thicket of signs and sensations where theatricality implies a subject that looks and an object that is looked at and assumes that the object – what is looked at – is conceived as fiction by the looking subject – the spectator. What is finally perceived is a figure with a level of articulation that allows its typological identity to be recognized, not as an individual organism thematically and suggestively connoted, but as a recognizable singularity in the determination that is its own (singular) in a context that is properly general.

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