Marlos Nobre

Brasil (1939)
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Marlos Nobre in London at the Ginastera Festival 2006

martes, 31 de octubre de 2006
The Brazilian composer Marlos Nobre will be the guest of the Ginastera Festival 2006 in London,2nd November 2006 with his 'Concertante do Imaginário'for piano & orchestra
The Ginastera Festival 2006 organized by ILAMS will present, on 2nd November 2006, the work 'Concertante do Imaginário' for Piano & String Orchestra by the Brazilian composer Marlos Nobre, with the pianist Alberto Portugheis as soloist of the LONDON SCHUBERT PLAYERS,conducted by Daniel Mazza, at the St. John´s Smith Square. The program of this exceptional concert includes the 'Concerto for Strings' by Alberto Ginastera abd the 'Concerto for Guitar & String Orchestra' by Gnattali, with the guitarrist Fabio Zanon as soloist.


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