Logo del ColegioThe “Colegio de Compositores Latinoamericanos de Música de Arte” (Association of Latin American Composers of Art Music) was founded on March 12th 1999 on the grounds of a Manifesto – which involves the conditions, concerns and ideals, related to a greater or lesser extent, to those creators convoked – conceiving an associated body for contributing to the knowledge and systematic diffusion of academic music of Latin American countries. An independent board, non profit, with the firm goal of the systematic diffusion of its member works, as a valid example of the musical thinking of our age and a solid connection for new generations.

The result has been the blossoming of a fraternity of outstanding composers, with the common denominator of culture coincidences, academic preparation and historic incidences; and at the same time, with an unrestricted respect to the differences of artistic expressions. It was stated: “… it is our will that the existence of the present music – ours – were selective, not sporadic and not only the subject of forums or festivals, but a daily habit in each country”.

The guidelines of the association admit up to three composers for each country, integrating a selected group of Corporate (numbered) Members, creators of high profile, who also live and contribute with their work on their own countries, not just as composers, but also in interpretation, musical education and even in musical research. The expansion proposed in 2003 includes the creation of spaces intended for Correspondent Members - remarkable Latin-Americans, compromised with their native country, but who live in foreign countries - and to Invited Composers. In any case, the only way to become such Members is through the unanimous vote, - by means of the rigorous analysis of the work and trajectory of candidates - protecting in this way the excellence level of the associated body.

Through these few but productive years of existence, besides the book “Contrapuntos” - which reunites the Manifesto and the curricula vitarum of the associated founder composers - their catalogue of works and five compact discs (one double volume which includes chamber music and symphonic work – most of them conducted by their authors -, and a second volume, triple compact disc, which contains mostly chamber music), numerous symphonic, chamber music and electro-acoustic music concerts have been performed; which have been part of important festivals and forums of contemporary music, such as: “Festival Internacional Cervantino” (Cervantes International Festival), “Festival de Música Contemporánea de Venezuela” (Venezuelan Contemporary Music Festival), “Festival de Colombia” (Colombian Festival), “Festival de El Salvador” (El Salvador Festival), “Festival de La Habana” (Havana Festival), “Festival de Puerto Rico” (Puerto Rico Festival), among others; radio broadcasts in Radio MEC of Brazil and those in the University of Puerto Rico; with music, commentaries and interviews in several Latin-American and Caribbean countries.

We are thankful for the compromised and sustained support of the “Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes” (Culture and Arts National Council), of the INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts) and of the “Coordinación de Música y Ópera del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes” (Music and Opera Coordination Office of the National Institute of Fine Arts).

As it was established in the aims of our association, a Concert Cycle “A bridge between two millenniums” is organized every year, in which as now, music of each Corporate Member is to be presented; a documentary professional recording is produced, which at its time, is put into compact discs for its diffusion; broadcastings are made and scheduling of diverse works, individually or collectively, in different forums and festivals of our continent is systematically promoted.

In the present year, in which the “Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes” (National Institute of Fine Arts) has opened its doors to us, as our temporal venue, we wish to incorporate two important representatives of Latin-American research and musicology; the Maestras María Elena Vinuesa y Gloria Carmona; remarkable representatives of Cuba and Mexico, respectively.

With the purpose of obtaining excellent interpretations and of extending the scopes of diffusion of the association; groups, singers and performers of high quality, interested in our movement – mostly Latin-Americans of origin or who live in the region – have been systematically invited, convinced of the value of Latin-American musical creation.

It has been our wish, that during mornings and through each edition of the Concert Cycle “A bridge between two millenniums”, professional musicians, youth composers and music students – along with all public interested – are able to come closer, to know and to dialogue with composers, with respect to their musical philosophy, works, techniques and search processes; and also that they are able to listen to some recordings and commentaries related with the scores exposed there.

This activity generates, beyond doubt, not only the rapprochement between Association Members, but also open the doors to knowledge and to integration of music and to the authors of the new generations.

Among the Association, we have the conviction that a work of great transcendence has been started, which soon will be able to discover to music lovers, a Latin American scenery, as rich and as unsuspected, that despite having common origins to those Europeans, has in itself their own vigorous elements and aesthetical values, deeply defined; all among a great freedom of thought and a very wide creative variety.

México, D. F. December 2003.

Manuel de Elías, Fundador y Presidente