Fernando García

Chile (1930)
Corporate Member

Fernando García studied composition and musicology with Juan Orrego-Salas, Carlos Botto, Juan Allende-Blin and Gustavo Becerra. He is currently Titular Professor of the Music Department of Universidad de Chile (University of Chile) and Vice-Director of the Revista Musical Chilena (Chilean Musical Magazine). He has developed educational activities in the Music Department of the University of Chile and in the Escuela Nacional de Música del Perú (National Music School of Peru). Simultaneously he was trombonist of Orquesta Sinfónica de Profesores of Ministerio de Educación de Chile (Professors Symphonic Orchestra of Education Ministry of Chile). He has held positions as Musical Adviser of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba (Cuban National Ballet) and of Gran Teatro de La Habana (Havana Grand Theatre). He has been member of the jury of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Premio de Musicología of Casa de Las Américas (House of the Americas Musicology Award; Cuba; 2nd, 3rd and 5th Award of Gran Teatro de La Habana (Havana Grand Theatre).

As a musicologist, García contributed with numerous entries on Chile, in the Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Spanish and Hispano American Music and has worked as a researcher, - mainly in Chile and Peru - where he was hired by the Music and Dance Office of Instituto Nacional de Cultura (National Culture Institute) and UNESCO Regional Musicology Program.

As a composer, he has produced more than one hundred works of various genres, for orchestra and chamber; several of these works have been awarded in his country and some of them have been printed and edited in phonograms. His compositions have been performed in America, Europe and Asia. In his quality as a composer he has been invited to a number of Congresses, Symposia and Festivals in different countries. He is a Corporate Member of Colegio de Compositores Latinoamericanos de Música de Arte (Collegium of Latin American Composers of Art Music) since its creation.

From his musical production, it is to point out: La tierra combatiente (The combatant earth) for three narrators and orchestra, Despertar de octubre (October rising) and Dos paisajes urbanos (Two urban landscapes) both for orchestra, Arte de pájaros (Birds art) for oboe and piano, Tres cantos materiales (Three material chants) for cello and orchestra.