alcides lanza

Argentina-Canadá (1929)
Associated Member

Professor of composition, electronic music and XX Century Performance Practices at McGill University, Faculty of Music [since 1971] [retired] Director of the Electronic Music Studio, McGill University [since 1974] Artistic Director of the group GEMS [Group of the Electronic Music Studio] Alcides Lanza is Director Emeritus of the Electronic Music Studio.

Alcides Lanza continues his intense career as promoter of contemporary and Latin American music, via his many concerts as a solo pianist, bas a conductor, or together with actress-singer Meg Sheppard with their very well know Duo Sheppard-Lanza. Their concerts in Europe, North and South America reflect their interest in the music of the hemisphere. Their programs and compact disc recordings showcase and promote music which represents the unique vision of composers from the three Americas.

Teaching activities: [recent]
XX Century Performance Practices Seminar [Taught at McGill but also offered at Universidad de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina]
Theory Review III [Music from Latin America]
History of Electroacoustic Music

List of publications:

Articles by Alcides Lanza
Varèse: looking for the new...(lLanza; 1992); Ex-tempore, A Journal of Compositional and Theoretical Research in Music; West Springfield, USA; Vol. IX/2, Summer, 1999
Varèse: looking for the new...(lanza; 1992); música d'ara, Assoc. Catalana de Compositores, Barcelona, Spain; Num. 4, 2001 [in Spanish]
Perspectives de carrière. Proceedings of >>Perspectives<<, CEC Electroacoustic Days, July, 1991, pps. 82-83
Lettrism and concret poetry: their influences in the evolution of electro acoustic music. >convergence<, CEC Electroacoustic Days, Banff, Alta, 1989, pps. 135-139
Souvenirs personnels. In the program booklet of the Electronic Music Festival, McGill University, 7&8 of December, 1990 [in celebration of the EMS 25th anniversary]
...hey pop, watch it...! In the proceedings of Diffusion!, CEC Electroacoustic Days, Toronto, September 1988; pps. 147-150
Exploring language [explaining the making of sensors IV, for choir and tape; in the proceedings of the ICMC [International Computer Music Conference], Vancouver, 1986, pps. 207-212

Recent Recordings:
Compact Discs:
Trilogy (ekphonesis V-Penetrations VII-ekphonesis VI)
Actress-singer: Meg Sheppard
Editions Shelan publications eSp-9201-CD [released march 1992]

Sensors V (1985-I), for solo percussion and percussion ensemble percussion solo: Pierre Béluse
McGill Percussion Ensemble
Radio Canada International RCI652 CD. [Released March 1989]
[Note: also selected by RCI as the best recording of the year and released on the CD Percussion Plus, a co-production of Radio Netherlands, RCI, Radio Australia and Swiss Radio International; G4-1089 [October 1989]

...there is a way to sing it... (1988-III), solo tape
RCI Musique Électroacoustique-Anthology of Canadian Music-RCI ACM 37 CD 1-4

Vôo [1992-I], with Meg Sheppard, voice and Alcides Lanza, digital signal processing; SHELAN CD Transmutations [New Music from the Americas, 3]; eSp 9601-CD

Interferences III [1983-IV], voice and chamber ensemble; voice: Meg Sheppard, FEMS ensemble; conductor: Alcides Lanza; TORNADO CD, McGill Records, MR 2001-01-2

The canadian-argentinian composer and conductor was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1929. he moved to New York in 1965, having received a Guggenheim Foundation fellowship, and lived there from 1965 until 1971, working at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. In 1971 he was appointed professor of composition at the Faculty of Music, McGill University in Montreal. Since 1974 he has been the director of the electronic music studio at McGill and recently was named Director Emeritus of the EMS. lanza continues to have a very active international career as a pianist and conductor specializing in the avant garde repertoire.